DANFOSS: pressure transmitter MBS 5150 060N1223 (1 pc)

TRAFAG: pressostat type 900 2376 924 range 0..4bar (1 pc)

MANOMETERS type MTPSd-100 (russian: МТПСд-100) different ranges

MANOVACUOMETERS type MVTPSd-100 (russian: МВТПСд-100) different ranges

MANOMETERS, made with ref to requirements of the customers

DISTANCE THERMOMETERS TKP-60/3M (russian: ТКП-60/3М) (ТПП-2В) 0-120 dgr C

PRESSURE RELAYS KRM-OM5 (russian: КРМ-ОМ5) different ranges

GALLEY OVEN GRB440 heating elements 901119100 (10 pcs)

EXCAVATOR EKG-5A (russian: ЭКГ-5А) pneumatic, hydraulic, electric control spare parts